Cheap vacation rentals in Antibes: The ultimate guide



Antibes is sandwiched between the ogre of Nice, an ebullient, swirling, noisy city, and Cannes, which is hyper-luxurious but not suited to a normal life.

Antibes lets you enjoy both: the charm of the Côte d'Azur, in summer or winter, the peace and quiet of the countryside and, above all, the calm and luxury of Antibes town center.

Searching for cheap vacation rentals in Antibes is a challenge in a region like this, where savings are hard to come by, but we'll look at a number of ways you can save.

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Why rent from private individuals in Antibes to save money and spend a cheap vacation in Antbies?

Savings guaranteed: Direct rentals between private individuals avoid the extra costs often associated with intermediaries. With no commissions or service charges, you can save a significant proportion of your budget. Indeed, platforms such as Airbnb, and others take a significant percentage. However, they take a percentage to guarantee you a good experience too. The solution we find relevant is to use trusted third-party sites that will take a lower commission.

An authentic experience: Renting directly from a private individual can offer a deeper immersion in local life. You might receive recommendations for less touristy restaurants, local markets or specific events in Antibes or places to visit (the customs path in Antibes is a must-do, a little long but visit the anse de l'argent faux which is in the same town as the Quai des Milliardaires.

Flexibility: Private owners can be more flexible in terms of length of stay, arrival and departure times, or even pets. Please contact them.

How to find a affordable vacation rental in Antibes?

Use private rental platforms: Websites like Airbnb, Vrbo and Leboncoin offer a multitude of options to suit all budgets. The trick is to start your search early, be flexible on dates and read the reviews carefully. Make sure you book well in advance, and accept conditions with no possibility of cancellation. Owners prefer to be sure of a full house rather than risk absences. This comes at a cost, so offer to guarantee that you'll come, and take out insurance if you can't make it. 

Aim for low or mid-season: As in most tourist destinations, prices in Antibes can fluctuate according to the season. To get the best deals, consider traveling outside the summer months (July-August). September or October are great months on the Côte d'Azur for cheap summer rentals. Doesn't the city of Nice's new polemical campaign say: Winter is the new summer? The weather is more than mild, making it easier to visit open spaces (in summer, the heat doesn't specifically encourage sightseeing or hiking).

Negotiate: If you're planning an extended stay, or visiting outside peak periods, the owner may be open to negotiation. The longer you stay, the more inclined the landlord will be to negotiate. What costs money is empty accommodation and frequent changes of tenant.

Save on other expenses during your stay

Transport: Antibes has excellent public transport (train only). What's more, in Antibes, using the car to go to Monaco or Cannes is absurd. Our apartment is just a 10-minute walk from the train station. You're 40 minutes from Monaco, 20 minutes from Cannes, and in every town on the Côte d'Azur, car parking is expensive AND complicated. In Monaco, it's just awful, and getting to Monaco is quicker by train than by car.

Food: Antibes' local markets are full of fresh produce. They are interesting to do, but frequently more expensive. Stores like Leclerc or Lidl offer low-cost, interesting products, and as you have access to a kitchen, you can save on the restaurant.

Free or low-cost activities: Take advantage of the public beaches, explore Old Antibes, visit the Provencal market or simply stroll along the ramparts to admire the view. What's more, some museums offer free or reduced admission at certain times (see Musée Picasso or Musée Peynet).

What can you do in Antibes without spending a fortune?

The beach: While Antibes is famous for its private beaches, the town also offers superb public beaches. Plage de la Salis or Plage du Ponteil are perfect options for a lazy day.

Take a stroll: Stroll through Old Antibes, admire the architecture, lose yourself in the narrow streets and discover hidden artists' studios.

Musée Picasso: Located in the Château Grimaldi, this museum houses works created by Picasso himself during his time in Antibes. Admission is often cheaper than at other attractions, and it's a must for art lovers.

Cap d'Antibes coastal path: This walk offers breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea and is completely free of charge. The name is most associated with the Chemin des Douaniers.

Discover the free commune of Le Safranier and its washhouse, see the Porte de France and traces of the ramparts destroyed in the 19th century. In the old town of Antibes, discover the traces of the past, go and see the traces of the past. Rare to see so many 


Further tips for a successful stay in Antibes

Make sure: Before finalizing a rental, make sure you understand all the conditions, read previous reviews and check the exact location of the accommodation. Talk widely with the owner or property manager.

Communicate: A good dialogue with the owner can make your stay much easier. Ask questions, get local recommendations and make sure you know all the specifics of the accommodation before you arrive. Our accommodation gives you lots of photos.

Antibes is a destination to suit all budgets. By focusing on private rentals and making the right choices during your stay, you can enjoy all that this wonderful town has to offer without spending a fortune. With a little research and planning, Antibes can be both a dream destination and an affordable one.