5 Tips for Renting a Private Apartment in Antibes for the Holidays



Antibes, nestled between Nice and Cannes on the Côte d'Azur, is a city of picturesque beauty, golden beaches and rich historical heritage. For those wishing to settle here or simply spend an extended stay, renting an apartment privately offers an ideal alternative to traditional real estate agencies.


Here are five essential tips for a successful vacation rentals in Antibes between individuals.


louer appartement vacances antibes

1. Understand the advantages of one-to-one sales

Before you start looking, it's vital to understand the advantages of renting from one person to another.

No agency fees: One of the main advantages is the absence of agency fees. This usually means that you can save a significant percentage on the total cost of the rental.

Direct interaction: You interact directly with the owner, which can simplify communication and facilitate negotiation.

Flexibility: Without intermediaries, contract terms can often be more flexible, to suit your individual needs.

And let's face it, renting from one person to another means you don't have to pay platform fees, which average 20%. But be careful,


2. Use online resources to your advantage

Today, there are many online platforms dedicated to renting from one person to another. These sites make searching much easier, and can offer filtering tools to refine your criteria.

  • Specialized sitesWebsites like Leboncoin, PAP (Particulier à Particulier) and even Facebook groups dedicated to Antibes rentals. These platforms often allow owners to advertise for free or at a lower cost, guaranteeing a wide range of options.
  • Photos and videosWith today's digital world, many owners provide detailed photos and sometimes even virtual tours. Use these tools to get a first impression of the apartment.

Many owners use trusted third parties (such as your.rentals) in the same way as hoteliers. This means they can be sure of getting paid, and it reassures the tenant that there are no bogus offers. Take a look at this ad, it's a typical example of a private rental in Antibes.


3. Visit in person (if possible and if you have friends nearby)

While virtual tours are convenient, there's no substitute for an in-person visit.

Inspect the apartment: Be sure to check the general condition of the apartment, the operation of appliances, water pressure, etc.

Evaluate the environment: Consider location, neighborhood, proximity to amenities, transportation, and sites of interest.

Ask questions: Take advantage of this face-to-face interaction with the landlord to ask any relevant questions about the rental.

4. Be prepared and professional

When dealing directly with an owner, it's essential to present yourself in the best possible light.

Negotiate tactfully: If you think the price is negotiable, approach the subject with respect and prepare solid arguments to justify your proposal. Antibes is a highly sought-after destination with no shortage of international demand. Don't be unpleasant, and bear in mind the owners' fixed costs (water and electricity are major charges).

5. Read the contract carefully

Before you sign anything, take the time to read the rental contract carefully. Going through a third party is always simpler, as the third party will validate the contract.

Renting a private apartment in Antibes offers a unique opportunity to live like a local while avoiding the costs of platforms (such as booking, airbnb, ...).

With these five tips in hand, you'll be well prepared to find and secure your ideal home in this beautiful city on the Côte d'Azur (the most beautiful, but shhh).